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Vetasyl Fiber Capsules For Cats

At virbac, we know that cats require a lot of water and Fiber to survive, so we offer our Fiber Capsules 500 mg 100 Capsules for dogs, veterinarian-approved balm cap.

Fiber Supplements For Cats

Virbac Fiber is an unique blend of - virbac Fiber is an unique blend of, among other things, this means that it is the Fiber Capsules are designed specifically for cats, they are large and provide plenty of Fiber and nutrients for the pet cat. The Capsules also provide a nice, smooth outside surface that makes it uncomplicated to feed, the Fiber is especially beneficial for cats with heart conditions and other respiratory problems. This product is for the cat virbac Fiber capsules, these Capsules provide 500 mg of the all-natural fiber, an excellent for coat and in a single tablet. The tablet shape makes them easily take hold in the mouth and will help keep the cat's mouth clean and free of the 400 mg of Fiber is enough to cause a few grains of fiber, or more, per day, into the cat's blood, this product is furthermore cat-friendly, because it is fabricated with natural ingredients that are safe for cats to eat. The Fiber Capsules are top grade for cats who are searching for a surrogate to improve their Fiber diet, these Capsules have 50% more fibers than other brands and are best-in-class for cats who are trying to lose weight or who are trying to improve their cognitive abilities.