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Microwave Heat Pad For Cats

This heat pad is perfect for cats who are trying to cool off. The pad is made of flax and can be.

Heat Disc For Cats

Heat disc for cats heat is the perfect solution for cats who need more energy to compete in the sun and wind.

Heating Disc For Cats

This natural life cat heating disc is perfect for cats who need a little extra warming up time before playing games or sleeping. The infused stockholm this microwave heat pad for cats is the perfect way to keep your cat warm without having to turn on the oven. The cat will just feel a warmth in his or her cat friends. This microwave heat pad is made of soft cotton and will make sure your cat is warm and cozy. It comes with a gift bag and is available in colors like green, blue, and purple. this natracure hot therapy pack and heating pain relief pad for neck should be used when your cat is experiencing significant heat pack syndrome (a problem with using the hot therapy pack to treat various body parts such as the neck, body back, and skin). This pack can also be used to reduce pain and fatigue after a day's work. The natracure pack should not be used on people, as they may be affected by heat pack syndrome. this heat pad is the perfect solution for cats who experience colds or flu. It is microwaveable and rice-based, so it is gentle on the neck shouldering vhs-style. It is also wrapable for extra comfort.